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Solenoid operated, this system automatically opens and closes when the starter button is pressed and released. Convenient and simple, this is the best setup for big displacement high compression Evolution Big Twins and Twin Cams with S&S cylinder heads.


•S&S 89CC Super Stock Twin Cam style cylinder heads and all recent S&S Super Stock cylinder heads for Evolution Big Twins are machined for the S&S compression releases.
•Compression release machining is optional on S&S 79 CC Twin Cam style heads.
•Stock cylinder heads can not be machined for S&S compression releases because there is not enough material in critical areas.
•If cylinder heads are machined for S&S compression releases, but you don't want to install the compression releases, the compression release hole plug can be installed to seal the hole.
•S&S electric compression releases can only be used in conjunction with rockers cover with a center hole or chimney. The chimney provides clearance for the solenoid which activates the compression release. We suggest S&S die-cast rocker covers or ZPN 037025, 037026, 037017, 037018
•The S&S two piece compression release socket kit is strongly recommended to protect the wiring and ease installation



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S&S electric compression release kit
S&S two piece compression release socket kit
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