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The Big Brother of our Wide-Tail and Super-Ass frames. These frames have the exact same features as our other TÜV approved Softail frames, except that the frame down tubing diameter is increased to an incredible 35mm outer diameter and the rear swingarm tubing to 28mm, making it the Fattest looking frame on the market. These Fat Tube Dragster Style frame kits are available in both the Wide-Tail and Super-Ass versions. Fat Tube Wide-Tail frame kits accept a 200 wide rear tire with late type Narrow final drive belt, Fat Tube Super-Ass frame kits accept 250 wide rear tire in combination with late Narrow final belt drive. Note: Tires must be used with correct rim size. You can be assured that this frame is the best and nothing but the best. The steering head is raked to 38 degrees (other rakes available on special order), this requires a 4" to 8" overstock fork depending on the wheel and tire size used. All mounts for side stand and forward controls are welded in place. Frames are fully TIG welded for superior strength. Frame kits come complete with frame, swingarm, stainless swingarm pivot bolt with chrome spacer and bearing kit, chrome rear wheel axle and Stainless Steel protection plates for swingarm and shocks. Super-Ass frames also include a primary spacer ring, and offset transmission mounting plate. All parts are separately available. Wheel spacers, fenders and fender struts, must be ordered separately. A Super Ass frame also requires the purchase of the correct extended sprocket shaft extension and sprocket shaft nut.
Zodiac Fat Tube frames with a different rake are available on special order. These special ordered frames have the same quality features as the stock frames but the design change will void the TÜV approval. Special ordered frames require a 50% deposit. There is 6 to 8 weeks delivery time on those frames from the time your down payment is received. Ask your Zodiac dealer for more details.


Complete Fat Tube frame kits
Article number Description Retail price Add to list
Fat Tube Wide-Tail frame kit, TÜV approved
Fat Tube Super-Ass frame kit, TÜV approved
Replacement kit parts
Article number Description Retail price Add to list
Fat Tube frame only (35mm frame tubes)
Fat Tube Wide-Tail swingarm only (28mm tubes)
Fat Tube Super-Ass swingarm only (28mm tubes)
Stainless pivot bolt with chrome spacers
Swingarm bearing with circlip, each, Evolution Softail 1984-1999 (OEM 9076)
Wide-Tail rear axle with washers and nut, chrome
Super-Ass rear axle with washers and nut, chrome
Stainless swingarm plate
Shock protection plate
Primary spacer ring with hardware
Off-set transmission plate, 25mm
Optional parts
Article number Description Retail price Add to list
Wide-Ass fender struts, raw steel
Super-Ass fender struts, raw steel
Motor sprocket shaft nut 1970-1990
Motor sprocket shaft nut 1991-2006
Extended sprocket shaft extension 1970 thru 1990
Crankshaft extension 1986 thru 2006

Recommended Retail Prices include 21% sales tax.

Prices exclude shipping, import duties and installation.